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Abuse and Trauma

I have a genuine and passionate Interest in Trauma and Trauma Recovery.

Dissociation, in particular and how the brain adapts to an experienced Trauma and how the brain becomes wired for survival. I am especially curios at how this wiring for survival can be re-wired (Neuroplasticity) with interventions such as Relational connection and Relational depth in the therapeutic relationship. There is empirical and unquestionable evidence to suggest that recovery and healing can be made, especially so with Developmental Trauma (early Attachment trauma).

Therapeutic Intervention has been proven to change the brain: early Disordered Attachment patterns so often associated with Trauma can be changed with earned attachment figures (such as your therapist or a securely attached other) and the shifts in brain function as a result of these interventions have been evidenced with MRI scans.

I have undertaken numerous Continuous Professional DevelopmentĀ  courses with the Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors (PODS) organisation and I’m listed on their register. Their taught techniques for grounding and engaging higher brain processes are practical and very useful in the therapy room.

More recently I have undertaken Trauma and the Couple Relationship and Vicarious Trauma within the Couple Fit training and have found this to be especially interesting an area of Research within my private practice working with Couples.

My current research tends to gravitate towards this subject; combining my passion for Relationship Counselling and Trauma (and recovery from Trauma).

I provide a safe, warm, unconditional and consistent space for you to be, in whatever depth you choose, to explore what you choose. There is utmost positive regard and confidentiality for you at all times.

I undertake regular supervision with a Trauma informed superviser; this keeps our work together safe.

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