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Counselling in Stroud operates from a dedicated Therapy Room on the Slad Road between the village of Slad and CUplands area of Stroud.

I also work from dedicated Counselling and Psychotherapy rooms in Stroud town centre; 1 Bath Street (Next to Fat Toni’s pizza).

There is plenty of parking at both premises and 1 Bath Street is conveniently situated within metres of Merrywalks car park in Stroud.


Counselling and longer term Psychotherapy are always all about you; about your process, your agenda and your worldview. We always work at your pace.

Short term, or ‘Time-Limited Counselling’ as it is known can be an effective way to acquire tools to help you to manage the often crippling symptoms of Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. I use a Solution Focused Approach combined with elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to make changes in the here-and-now. We explore ways to manage your day-to-day challenges and focus on making changes. These sessions are generally one session a week for six to eight weeks.

Time Limited Counselling can help by offering tools and interventions to manage Mild Depression, Stress, Work-Related Stress, Overwhelm, Life Changes such as; bereavement, grief, loss, divorce, house / area move, a new baby, empty-nest, retirement, parenting challenges and so on.

I provide challenge safely and respectfully and will guide you gently to those places where the work needs to focus; I can be directive when needed but always with utmost respect and positive regard for you and at your pace.

Psychotherapy is a longer term process, this is much more in depth relationship where we work Relationally (using our relationship as a platform of trust) to explore areas of your self both known and unknown, your relationships and your deeper processes. I work Psychotherapeutically using an Integrative Model – working from a Person Centred Core, I draw on Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis and Systemic Theories to inform our working scaffolding.

This process of going inward can sometimes leave you feeling slightly vulnerable after a session, I will always endeavour to keep you safe, grounded and to remind you of the bigger picture; return you to a place where you can resume a sense of self and balance in your day ahead of you.

The journey inward is bountiful; there is always so much to learn and uncover as we rummage around the parts that remain mostly, for most, dormant and in the recesses; sometimes the terrain can be hard going and tough, but mostly it is refreshing and the awareness of a part of ourselves that we weren’t aware becomes very much like the exploration of somewhere beautiful and untouched; like a landscape seen for the first time.

Becoming aware of that which has been unknown to us can reverberate into all areas of our lives and change is a consequence of this process not focus; it is often a hugely powerful experience, a joyful experience.